Wednesday, July 1, 2009

What does Cap+Trade mean to you?

Now that the House has voted on Cap and Trade without any idea what was in it.... details are starting to leak out.

The bloody bill was not even finished being written before they voted on it..... they did so blindly under party orders. The final three hundred page amendment was handed out just three hours before the vote, and the whole bill was not assembled at the time of voting.

So.... what does this little gift from congress mean to you, with its $15 per ton tax on CO2 emissions?

How about.... doubling your electric bill for a start. 57% of the electricity in the nation is from coal fired plants, and the tax will (at best) double the price of coal, plus the fuel to transport the coal, plus the fuel to dig the coal, plus.......

Heat your home with oil or gas? The new tax will add about 50% to your heating bills.

Drive a car, do you? Nice car? Enjoy that ride to work, do you? How about gas taxes increasing by up to fifty cents a gallon. Look on the bright side... maybe yours will be one of the estimated two million jobs this new tax will cost the nation. If you have no job, you'll save on gas.... what with having no place to go.

Oh... and don't forget..... every single thing you use in life..... everything you eat, wear, sit on, write on, and use.... all comes by rail and truck. All those transportation costs will go up 30% to 70%. Hmm.... another thought.... most of our nations farm fertilizers are petro-chemical based, and all the equipment to work the farms and transport the food is diesel. Look for food costs to almost double.... if you can get any.

These numbers are based the administrations most favored numbers.... the best case scenario under the new legislation.

The next time you meet someone who voted this congress into office... be sure to thank them.


Rev. Paul said...

Thank them? I'd be happy to. I believe I still have a pitchfork around here, someplace...

Crucis said...

After the vote, someone noticed a last minute addition that effectively applies California real-estate rules for the whole country. Specifically, you must have a government inspection of your house if it is over a set age, 10 years I believe, to insure it meet EPA and environmental standards, such as mercury light bulbs, "green" appliances, etc. If you fail the inspection, you must bring your house up to par before the sale can proceed.

In past years, if buyer and seller were satisfied, the government had no role in the sale. If the buyer wanted something improved, the two parties negotiated a deal---usually a small reduction in the purchase price.

That governmental camel has come more into our tent.