Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Conservatives Going Galt?

H/T to Instapundit for noting this post, and this movement. There are some who are now calling for Conservatives, and all those who are fed up with government taxation and spending, to 'Go Galt' in consumption. A specific day has been chosen (July 30th) to conduct a one day strike. Conservatives simply don't go to work that day, and don't spend any money that day. More overreaching is a call for Conservatives to pull in their consumer horns and spend nothing they don't have to.

My opinion.... the last part is already happening. Conservatives are just that... conservative. If they are bright enough to be paying attention then they see the direction our economy is being forced. Any extra spending they are doing is related to survival options in hard times, not new iPods and HD video cameras.

As for going Galt and not going to work.... I don't think most people are at the point of disgust required to do that. Conservatives work because they like to, and recognize the value of it, even if others don't. Maybe especially because others don't.

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Everett said...

I have been preaching locally for years for everybody to do the ABI thing on the state level at least. We have two flaming liberals who vote whichever way the Big Nancy commands. They are two useless sheeple!! Cannot understand the folks in Mass. who keep voting for the Kennedys. Camelot died 300/400 years ago, but for some reason those idiots never, "got the word"! I fear greatly for all of us. Regards Everett R Littlefield