Monday, March 2, 2009

An afternoon off, and I spend my time doing this!


A Cacoxenite pendant, with a very heavy solid silver mount featuring an ornate bail for a chain. Cacoxenite is a form of amethyst, with sometimes spectacular inclusions. This piece of stone is quite good, and it's one the 'metaphysical' crowd gets excited about.

I cut it on a diamond saw from a rough chunk the size of my fist. Shaped by hand on diamond wheels, all the way to 3000 grit. The mount is actually a piece cut from an ancient silver spoon, with the rest being made of 10 gauge half round stock. The whole piece is assembled with 'hard' silver solder and polished by hand.

The mount is very heavy, as is fitting for the size and shape of the stone. About three inches long, it has a medieval feel to it..... coarse yet strong and beautiful.


Old NFO said...


Christina LMT said...

Absolutely stunning! I'm very impressed by your creativity and skill.

Brigid said...

THAT should get snapped up in a heartbeat. Really beautiful. I'd snap it up but I just got the coolest and most beautiful earrings designed by Miss Phlegmy, so I'm good in the jewelry division this month.