Monday, March 2, 2009

Monday morning bullets (you know... tired ones) (g) (updated)

  • Two hour delay this morning, for snow. Quite naturally, and very much expected, the robo-call came as I was cleaning off the truck and getting ready to leave. Nothing like making the decision at the last possible second! We are supposed to have light snow, up to an inch, continuing till noon. I'll leave early and have time to take photos on the way in. :-)
  • In looking at the civilian ammunition supply situation, I think I've come to the conclusion that much of my near future shooting will be .22 rimfire. Yes, I can reload, but those supplies are taking the same hit as ammunition. I can still easily buy .22 by the brick, even if the price has skyrocketed since the Socialist in chief was elected. I think I shall be in the market for a rimfire kit for my Commander. Taking suggestions as to brand......
  • 'No child left behind' is a law that I have never paid much attention to, but am now having my nose rubbed in. As a teacher, what it means to me is my kids will be tested and are 'required' to reach certain goals. I am okay with that general concept, but of course the government screws it up in the details. An example.... My students (starting this year) will be tested by the state using an outdated process known as 'NOCTI' testing. While my program must be up to date, NOCTI testing is at least ten years behind the industry. To make it more fun... the testing will happen at the end of this month. Let me put that in plain English..... I teach a nine month program, but the 'end of program' testing will happen seven months in. I'll do the math for you..... my students will be tested on material we have not had time to teach yet! When I ask why this insanity takes place, the answer is "To give the state time to do the paperwork". To make it even more fun... the scores must get better each year, without fail, and without end. If my students all score 100% this year, next years class must all score 105%. Yes, that is impossible... but it does not matter when government is involved.
  • Now.... I'm off to mush my way into work. Leaving early will let me miss many of the brain donors, and enjoy a nice quiet drive in the snow. Ya'll have a wonderful day now, ya hear? (g).
  • Update! As I was standing at the outside door of my program, with the key headed towards the lock.... my cell phone rang. It was the schools Robo-caller telling me the school was closed for the day. BWAHAHAHAHA! I counted at least six other instructors already there, and that was just in my wing. My partner and I took an hour and assembled the tool kit our boys will need in competition, and then I made my way home. I followed a PennDOT plow truck all the way, at twenty miles an hour. Every time I tried taking the truck out of four wheel drive, it got squirrelly on the ice that was hiding under the snow blowing across the highway. So... home for the afternoon, anyway. I'll try to do something useful like reloading, casting bullets, or taking a nap (g).


Pat Houseworth said...

March comes in like a Lion...below zero chill factors here in Ohio, but we didn't get the snow at least!

beele said...

Your post reminds me of why my wife refers to the law as "no teacher left standing"

lucy said...

I am feeling you pain.

Cartridges for Little Lucy (.25 cal) $30.00 for a box of fifty. Not much cheaper at a recent gun show.

We too are beginning our wonderful Ohio Achievement tests at the end of this month and face the same issues you do. Testing for a years growth at the end of March...I don't know who comes up with these ideas.

But I know it isn't those of us on the front lines...good luck.