Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Monday, take two!


Nine degrees out, with a wind chill of minus four. Still, I am very warmed by the notion of the 'global warming' protest in DC that was snowed out (GGGGG). Seems the capitol building is heated by a coal plant, keeping all those drunken senators toes toasty warm.

Today.... I will slip/slide my way to a different campus, and take part in the selection process for next years students. Not necessarily my students next year, but it's possible. This means I'll be wading through mounds of applications, attempting to decipher hand written teenage essays, and just generally slogging through masses of dead tree material. It's not fun.... but it is rewarding in it's own way. Doing so last year gave me a good heads up on the challenges we'd be facing this year, and time to prepare. Feels a bit strange though... knowing you are holding a students future in your hands, and your decision will effect their lives in serious fashion.

On the plus side... It puts me close to this little shop, and I can browse in empty wallet glory for a few minutes before heading home today. (g).

Ya'll have a good day, and to my traveling friends... stay safe!

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Old NFO said...

Maybe you can find that one pearl of a student! :-)

Enjoy the browsing too! I'm in RI, so no gun shops... sigh...