Friday, February 20, 2009

A weekend off


Facing the pain of a free weekend, and without a single person making any demands on me.

However shall I cope?

Perhaps some range time, and then writing an article for Carteach0. I have a shotgun project I've been working on, and if my shoulder (snarl) cooperates it'll be a good weekend to finish the details. The weather calls for a bit of snow.... good weather for some riot gun practice (g).

Speaking of the shoulder.... Dr. Strangelove shoved a needle in it yesterday and injected some steroids, then made me an appointment for X-rays. (Ooo Goody! I get to glow!) He suggested it wasn't a torn rotator cuff, but I didn't hear what he said it might be. He touched the spot he was talking about, and I was busy whimpering like a girl scout.

One more work day... one long day with my little angels... and then a weekend of freedom and relaxing. AHhhhhhh..............

Fried eggs and peppered bacon for breakfast on Saturday..... after that I'll see which way the wind blows. You folks have a good weekend, and stay reasonably safe. I'm going to take a few days to myself and relax. :-)


Christina LMT said...

You take your deserved rest...pamper your shoulder!

Sparrow said...

Don't forget to make biscuits! It ain't Saturday without biscuits.