Saturday, February 21, 2009

Saturday morning blog walk

Sleep was broken last night. Not with worries of personal problems, nor even the old alien vampire teddy bear nightmare. Something different this time.

I woke at five with racing thoughts of our nations economy and where we appear to be headed. All in all, the vampire teddy bears were less frightening.

Recession... depression... doubled money supply... inflation... welfare state... incompetent leadership... It's enough to give one nightmares!

So here I am, fresh coffee in hand, and awake a little earlier than I had planned. I guess it's time for Saturday morning blog walk!

  • Troopers Gal notes that Texas has joined the list of states making 'states rights' noises. This is an interesting trend, with several states proposing resolutions detailing the rights they keep unto themselves. On the whole, I think it's about as effective as farting in the wind, but it's still interesting. I'll believe in the movement when one of two things happens... a state reroutes federal tax money collected within their borders to their own coffers, or they pass a law disarming federal tax agents within their borders and actually enforce it.
  • Breda reveals a bit of her past, showing us the meanest looking birthday cake I have ever seen. I withhold my thoughts on what this says about how she turned out. (GGG)
  • Don Gwinn gives us a look at Chicago politics. Instructive, when you consider our new neophyte in chief is a product of such shenanigans.
  • Tam is..... Tam. 'Nuff said. May the snark be with you.
  • On the other hand... Sparrow unloads a tri-axle of her own snark regarding the massive debt act of 2009. Does Tam have competition here?
  • RobertaX is filling in more vignettes of her story..... I will be in line to buy the book here. That'll be me, with the sleeping bag and sterno stove, camped overnight in front of B+N.
  • Phlegmfatale has moved to big bore rifles and longer ranges.... I think I am liking her more and more each day!
  • Old NFO talks of whales.... and not the kind you think. Kewl stuff.
  • I tried my regular visit to Og's place, out of habit. I'm still bummed he gave up blogging. I think I'll fire a salute to his blog-memory today at the range.
  • Old Grouch, one of the sharpest minds you'll ever meet, discusses a seriously crappy idea put forth by a few Texas Republicans. Lawyers. Ugh.
  • Christine is my new hero... doing herself what I really need to do. I'll think of how those jeans fit with every meal now.... and remind myself of how MY jeans fit. Damn.
  • Frank James shows us shoulder holsters. Man, he must be older than dirt to own and have used that many different shoulder rigs! I own one, and one only. Happy to say its one he speaks well of (g).
  • Cranky Prof has a birthday!!!! and gets a vacuum cleaner !?!? On the plus side, she spent the day chasing the cat with it... now that sounds like fun. Happy Birthday Prof!!

Theres more on my blog roll that I visited.... but it's time to think about breakfast, and pack a bag for the range. It may be 20 degrees just now (BRRRRRR!) but the sun is up and it's going to warm all the way to 35. I have an ammo can of iffy 12 gauge reloads that are needin to be expended, and a riot gun needin warmed up. I'll give my son a call and see if he wants to meet up for bang-bang practice (g).

On the way home... Perhaps I'll give that nightmare a nod and stock up on a few more essentials. Nothing chases away the demons of 'If' like a full larder.


Anonymous said...

Indeed. Which is why I'll be out your way at BB's on Monday morning!

Thank you for the b-day wishes!

Christina LMT said...

Wow, THANK YOU! I'm honored to be included in such illustrious company.


Visiting some blogs makes it harder to lose weight than visiting others...;)