Wednesday, February 18, 2009


  • Why no blogging time? School..... the schedule is heavy and lots to do. I'm teaching evening classes, and now we have a few boys headed to competition. That means every spare hour we can come up with must be spent in training for the next week or two.
  • Pain.... a torn rotator cuff most likely. We shall see what the good doctor has to say. It's to the point where Tylenol and Motrin are ineffective. I just about had 'er healed up, and then I had to place shoulder to door in an incident. That tore it up pretty good.
  • Range time this weekend perhaps. I'll have to see if the arm cooperates :-(
  • On the extreme plus side... I have had steak three times in the last week. Good steak, cooked right. There might be something to say for this 'life' thing after all (g).


Old NFO said...

Definitely go to the doc on the rotator cuff! That can lead to worse (and permanent) problems if not fixed. Good luck with the competition training too!

Shrugged said...

(few moments breather)

Doc says probably not a torn cuff, as he prodded something in my shoulder that made me whimper like a girl scout.

He stuck a needle in and injected steroids, but I honestly didn't even feel it over the pain of him touching my shoulder with his other hand.

X-rays later this week, but everyone including the doc says they are a waste of time. Just has to be done before insurance will pay for MRI.

Oh... and I'm to take three times the normal human dose of Motrin, five times more often than the directions say. Hmmmm....

As long as I can use my arm to go shooting this weekend... :-)