Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The trashing of America begins

Seems so typical, and so sad. Trash the place out of disrespect and arrogance, leaving the mess for someone else to clean up.

Welcome to Obamerica

Thoughts of this image drove my entry into Sparrows Haiku contest:

Slackers vote themselves

a big share of my paycheck

and mourn at my fall

(Feel free to vote for me, should I make the finals (g))

Update: I made the finals! Go vote! Yes, I mean vote for me. Now! Do it now! I promise a rainbow farting unicorn in every front yard if I win! Of course... there will be a slight tax increase (180%) to cover the expense of rainbow farting unicorn research. (g)


Anonymous said...

Must have been one Hell of a $180 MILLION party for the Greenest, most ethical, least selfish administration ever.

Crucis said...

I'm reminded of some stories by Jerry Pournelle where the people of the US are divided into Citizens and Taxpayers. The Taxpayers are the ones who make the nation work. They provide the skills, labor and taxes that support the Citizens---drones who only consume and never contribute.

I think fiction has come to life.

Pat Houseworth said...

On Hell of a Carbon Footprint left in DC....Sasquatch would be proud.

Sparrow said...

Congratulations -- YOU WON!!