Wednesday, January 21, 2009

New jewelry pieces


Three new pieces I've made in the last few days. Two are crafted from spoons.

Yes.... from silver spoons. I was surprised to find jewelry made from silver spoons quite popular around here. I guess we have a resident hippy population (g).

From my viewpoint, they offer an excellent opportunity to work on my bench skills. Slated for melt and recast, after having their handles savagely sawed off for making rings (remember the hippies?), I now have about a pound of silverware scraps to work with. Bits of spoons and forks, and an open bench just waiting on brilliant ideas.

Do you hear that, all you brilliant ideas? Where are you? Helloooo?

1 comment:

Jean said...

ooh ooh senor... I think you may have found your niche! srsly.

I have a request... the Byzantine catholic cross (cut out like the cross at the top of the post). ?

They are alllllll beautiful.
You may be the new source for b'days and christmas :-)