Thursday, January 22, 2009

Jaques Chirac surrenders to his own poodle


In an unexpected move today, Former French president Jaques Chirac surrendered to his own manically depressed poodle.  While Mr. Chirac was wimpering in abject fear, the poodle was heard to mutter "Mein Got! Vut a Woosie" as he backed the pride of France into the corner, again.


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Anthony said...

I would expect nothing less from the French.

Funny thing is, I want an American Mastiff, which is a rather large but well tempered dog, but it does need a strong master if it is going to be well disciplined. After my fiance saw this report she asked me what I would do if the Mastiff tries to attack me, or her, or our future children. My answer was simple and came easy, I would have to put it down right then and there. While I would love that dog, and it would be a hard thing to do, one can not let a dog harm family. I am just glad that the American Mastiff is good with children, because children tend to do that half hit half pet thing as well as try to climb on a dog of that size, so I should not have that problem.

But the French don't really know how to use guns now do they? lol