Friday, January 23, 2009

Enchiladas, sort of, done my way. Food porn!


Challenge: Dinner should be relatively healthy, interest a teenager, and get wows from jaded adults.

Answer: Mushroom and crab enchiladas with black beans and rice.

The enchiladas are stuffed with scrambled eggs and loaded to the
edges with sauted mushrooms and crab meat. Salt, pepper, garlic,
and some parsley add to the interest.

The mushrooms are sauted in butter....

Then fresh eggs are folded around the mushrooms
and crab meat, with some chopped garlic and a dusting
of ground black pepper.

The rice.... ahh... the rice....
Slow cooked long grain brown rice and barley, simmered
with black beans and a can of Rotel tomatoes.
Rotel's are chopped tomatoes put up with green chilis, and are
the secret to many a great chili recipe.

Line a baking dish with the rice. Fill some soft flour
tortillas with the mushroom, egg, and crab mixture.
Lay out the enchiladas on the rice, and top with cheese.
I chose freshly grated Swiss Gruyer mixed with cheddar.
Once the cheese is spread, top with a cup or two of your
favorite salsa, and more cheese.

Bake at 350 for about 30 minutes, or until the house fills
with an incredible smell.

It's ready when the dog explodes from anticipation.


Anthony said...

Man I am salivating. It is a little past noon and I have not had lunch yet. Now I just wonder if I have mushrooms in the kitchen. Was the teenager interested?

Old NFO said...

Dang that sounds good... Of course the odds of me finding anything like this in Japan is slim to none, and slim left 15 minutes ago. I'll have to try this next week when I get home.

Willorith said...

My sister gave me some Turkish smoked black pepper shee procured in NYC. Oh man is that stuff ever delicious. I keep the empty bottle just to smell every now and again.