Friday, December 12, 2008

Tell me how....

Yes, please tell me how.....

One can be working on a small piece (of what does not matter) and dropping it so often results in total evaporation of said piece? I heard it hit the floor. A clear and unmistakable 'tink' that signified contact of said piece with said floor.

The floor is concrete, dull, and dusty. The piece was brilliantly shiny, almost glowingly so.

It vanished. No amount of 'moving stuff out of the way' can seem to find it..... and yes I searched the trash can a good ten feet away from the vanishing point.

Murphy.... GO AWAY!

1 comment:

dondad said...

It went into a wetzl warp. That is a random time warp that sometimes catches things dropped or set down. The item goes into the future some random amount of time and you will eventually find it right where you were looking when it finally appears. ;-)