Friday, December 12, 2008


Interesting piece, especially if it's wide spread.

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Crucis said...

Shrugged, it could be more widespread. I know of at least one small businessman who is getting out.

He owns a non-union plumbing shop, heating & A/C. He's had a constant battle against unions trying to put him out of business, but until now they have been unsuccessful. I was waiting in the barber shop with him a couple of weeks ago and he mentioned he was closing his doors as of December 31. He's made arrangements to have his current inventory sold. He will sell the remaining assets to some of his employees who want to carry on.

He decided to take his tax lumps now and just get out. He, his wife, daughter and son-in-law are leaving the country and moving to Belize. His wife has some relatives there. With the proceeds from their shop, investments and some property, they should have enough to be set very well in their new residence.

He told me that his prognosis for the country's welfare is bad and he's getting out.

A sign of the times.