Wednesday, November 5, 2008

"We can learn from history how past generations thought and acted, how they responded to the demands of their time and how they solved their problems. We can learn by analogy, not by example, for our circumstances will always be different than theirs were. The main thing history can teach us is that human actions have consequences and that certain choices, once made, cannot be undone. They foreclose the possibility of making other choices and thus they determine future events."
Gerda Learner

We will soon have one party rule. For how long, and what will result from it, none of us can say for sure.

One party, one loose knit group, in charge of the entire government, with willing partners of the media, schools, universities, and 'justice system'. One party to control what we pay, what we read, what we see, what we learn, and what we do.

At least, as much as they can.

There is historical precedent, and a lot of it. My greatest hope at this moment is that the people involved are so dazzled by the smorgesbord of power before them they can't help but dissolve in a squabble of greed. It's a tiny, tiny hope.


Old NFO said...

However, I think they already have their agenda laid out and are just salavating waiting for Jan 20th... sigh...

pat houseworth said...

At least it looks like Al Franken is going down....750 votes out of 2.5 million, but at least it's a step in keep the Dems majority in the Senate from reaching 60.

Crucis said...

They didn't get their supermajority. Time to fix that slant at the midterms.