Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Meanwhile, life goes on

Dinner tonight shall be Cajun rice, with spicy sausage, and spicy orange sauce. A simple and body warming meal. I don't have to work late tonight, so I can cook.... and enjoy the meal. That's a nice feeling for a change.

A post meal big mug of hot tea and time visiting blog friends..... sounds pretty good to me.

The mood in school today depended on who you were talking with. We are mostly non-political with our students, although I did tell the class that anyone who brought me proof of voting would get a grade boost (g). The instructors I spoke with seemed subdued and concerned, but voiced few opinions. Some students in class were jubilant, and when that got old enough I asked them where they were going to get a job from when they graduated. Told about the local business's they expected to hire them, I pointed out those people would be paying higher taxes now, and not hiring entry level people for a few years. That shut down the exuberance pretty quick.

Class itself went swimmingly today. Good lessons were taught, new task work assigned, parents spoken to, and life generally moved on in good fashion. Learning happened, even with some of the ones who have been hard to reach, and that makes for a good day.

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Old NFO said...

Well done Carteach0- Reality always seems to put a damper on celebration. Maybe the students will go home and actually think about what they learned!