Tuesday, November 4, 2008


I voted on the way to work today, just a few minutes after the polls opened.
Lucky I was, passing my polling place just as it was about to open, and a parking spot was available. I was maybe #30 in line, and by the time I voted there were as many behind me.

I was only approached by one campaign worker, and she wore an Obama sticker.
Just one.... it's a pretty low key town. She asked if I was a settled voter, and I responded that I pretty much vote the bill of rights, and one candidate had done his level best to muzzle any opposing viewpoints, thus losing any hope I'd consider voting for him. She didn't ask who or what I meant, just moved on for better pickings. It's funny how she just assumed I meant Obama by that remark :-)

I know PA is going towards blue at this point, but I put my nickel in on our behalf.

Scuttlebutt locally is that if the Dems get all the tax increases they have talked about, we can figure on industry and school cut backs. Hiring will drop, jobs will be lost, local tax revenues will fall, and school programs and instructors will be on the block.

I know people who voted for Obama and his cohorts, and every single one of them has gotten very quiet, almost like they are already starting to wonder what the hell they have done.

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