Monday, October 13, 2008

Tired of holding my nose

Just once, I'd like to have a political candidate to vote for, rather than against. I'm tired of holding my nose and choosing the least objectionable contestant, usually out of some sort of fear of what the opposing candidate will do in office.

I'm tired of being pushed around by the politics of the negative. Driven by the imposition of concerns, rather than the hopes of positive actions.

It's true that politics is a business, with the stock in trade being peoples attitude and fear. Sadly... not thoughts. So few vote with their mind. The bribes are well thought out, and so are the contributions. People with money tend to think about what they do with it. They'll put it towards where it will do them some good. People who have only votes... small, meager, single votes.... toss them in massed waves at whoever feeds their fears the best. Politicians speak with forked tongue.... happiness and profit for hand outs, fearful snarls for votes.

This cycle.... two contenders eclipse the field, with a small horde of supporting characters. Frick and Frack, with not enough potential difference between them to light a flashlight. Their chosen minions, acting as lightning rods for the stored angst of the voters, but doing more to build charge than ground it.

Going unseen in the back, all the congress critters up for election this year. Congress, where money is spent, laws are made, things are done to us. The place where our rights are trodden and treasures raped on a regular basis. Those elections go almost unnoticed, overshadowed by the presidential campaign. Congress... where every single member retires a multi millionaire while drawing only 100K salaries. Congress... where there's a higher incidence of felony convictions than among any other population in the nation.

It seems politicians live in two states.... prevaricating without being caught, and being caught prevaricating. Now it comes in a flurry so thick the difference between states fades. Politics.... driven by fear and greed. I hear it daily.... "Candidate X is going to lower my taxes!". "Candidate Y will keep us safe from terrorists!". Both sides, all sides, spew nonsense at such a rate, and in such believable terms that nobody can keep up. It's mind numbing.... which is likely the plan in action. Those who don't make the effort to think are spoon fed, shaped, pushed, prodded, and in the end raped. Those who take the time to think are mobbed, mangled, ignored, and in the end raped.

The purpose of this rant..... is just that. A rant. Venting frustration to no end and without changing a thing.

I'll vote soon, although it's hard to be sure why. All sides are slithering deeper towards a socialist pit, just at different rates along different paths.


Shrugged says: said...

I think Ronald Reagan wa sthe last candidate who gave us a man to vote FOR, rather than a vote against someone.

You are right... I'll go with McCain/Palin as the only choice... such as it is.

Obama holds no mystery for anyone who looks at his life and record, even though he does his best to silence those who do. He comes from one of the most corrupt political machines in the world, where thuggish behavior is the norm and political dissent is crushed with violence under the color of law.

Clinton again, only with more disdain for citizens than ever.

Biden..... a nightmare if in office. His voting record is so solidly anti-individual rights it's astounding.


Anthony said...

You are exactly right on this one. That is why for a long time I was a supporter of another candidate, who was a Republican, but people considered him fringe. Funny thing is that his economic policy that he has been supporting since the '70's would have prevented the garbage that is happening today.

I had a candidate that I could vote for, now, like you, I only have a candidate to vote against.

The Captain said...

Q: How can you tell if a politician is lying?
A: His (or her) lips are moving.

I would like to find one for whom the answer to most questions is not, "More government involvement." One who believes in a balanced budget. Not just says they do, but actually does.

I'm not holding my breath.

Anonymous said...

Well, if you don't vote, you don't get to complain. I'm interested in pursuing an anti-incumbent voting strategy. I think they should be fear for their jobs.