Sunday, October 12, 2008

Shooty goodness

Two hours later... 110 rounds of match ammunition loaded and ready for next weekends military rifle shoot.

Lets see now.....
  • 1938 Turkish Mauser.... Check
  • 1940's Military cases.... Check
  • 1950's Yugo pulled bullets and powder.... Check
  • Hours of painstaking effort.... Check
I guess if the weather is decent Sunday, I'm good to go!

Sometimes one must 'make do'. Missing the neck sizing die? Do partial full length sizing instead. Out of IMR 4350? Use salvaged plate powder from 1950's Yugoslavian surplus ammo. Out of Sierra Match King bullets? Use the same salvaged Yugoslavian stuff, just tumble them clean first.

I used a powder charge exactly in the middle of the variations from the surplus ammo... 45 grains. But, where the old military stuff varied up to a grain from median, I vary less than a tenth of that in charge weight.

The bullets are seated out farther to get them right to the start of the rifling, and each case is collet crimped to ensure even ignition and charge burn.

I switched from my usual BR-2 bench rest primer to a large rifle magnum primer to make sure ignition is consistent.

Bet my scores don't show one whit of difference for using the substitute components.

1 comment:

AmericanMercenary said...

I did something similar.

Instead of milsurp brass I used Rem brass, and I used Turk bullet and powder. I used BR-2 primers though :)

Good shooting!