Monday, October 13, 2008

How instructors eat when the students aren't there.

I can't speak for other schools, but when we have an in-service day here it's a morale building event.

THREE smokers running.... with ribs and brisquits. A dozen covered dishes from folks who care what they share. Pies, cakes, cookies.....

Did I mention the ribs??
Tech schools kick butt.

World, meet my lunch.

Lunch... meet the world...


Shrugged says: said...

Paula is out today..... I tried, and will again tomorrow.

Didn't miss it today. There was a dish with mac and cheese, loaded with crab, and another of baked hash browns that made Cracker Barrel's look sad.

But.. the ribs.... smoked all day with hickory and mesquite.... oh my.

gryhndldy said...

Now that is a MOTIVATIONAL lunch. Did it also include a nap?

Somerled said...

Tech schools build the best smokers. You need to have your school send you on the road to the American Royal barbeque contest in Kansas City next October. You could take in enough advance money there to fund carteach0 an endowed chair.