Saturday, October 4, 2008

There's something to be said for Small Bore practice

A few hours range time today. I practiced offhand rifle at 100 yards, trying to improve my skills before the next High Power shoot.

Today I shot the CZ .22 in the role I bought it for.... cheap practice for the matches. It has excellent sights, a great trigger, and a stock designed for offhand with open sights. Not a common combination in a .22 these days.

It helps that it's capable of amazing accuracy.

After about 100 rounds I pinned down a problem I had with my stance, and settled down to decent shooting. Not great, but good enough to score well.

I like this rifle, and I think practicing with a small bore has considerable value. Not so much when it's a lightweight rifle with poor sights, but very valuable indeed with a good quality rifle like the CZ452.

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