Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Survey says..... the world wins this round

I woke this morning.... was woken this morning.... about 30 minutes late. The alarm had failed to alarm. Normally I wake up five minutes before brrrgggg and am holding my cell phone/alarm clock in my hand, ready to shut it off at the first brr. This morning, I guess I needed the rest.

Sleep was iffy last night, and that piled on with various and sundry stresses left me punchy this morning, but alive enough to make a quick assessment of myself. "And the Survey says": Take the day off.

Yesterday life handed me a few crap bombs, and they preyed on my mind most of the evening. I guess I need to work on that whole 'control your mind and emotions' thing a little better. Couple that with rising late, a frigid driving rain with heavy winds, and the thought that my mood would best not be shared with my students.... today a sub gets some work hours.

Never fear.. My instructor partner will carry the load, as we do for each other, and I have the days festivities already planned and on my desk waiting. (Voltage drop!).

It sure seems like a good day to burn off one of those sick days I have stored up. One of several months worth. Now, I'll wake slower as I sip coffee. Listening to the angry winds howling outside, and the near freezing rain striking the glass, I think it was a good choice.

The world can spin without my assistance today.


Brigid said...

Sorry it was a crappy day for you. They DO get better.

Old NFO said...

Good call! Take a sanity day :-)

Old NFO said...

Good call! Take a sanity day :-)