Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Neither beginning, nor end

I mailed off a letter today to the legal beagle. A formality, just a signature on a form, but it marks another way point in life.

Neither beginning nor ending, but weighty no less. An occasion worth note, not to be celebrated, and not regretted. It must be, and that is the way of it. Still.... This evening I'll quietly mark the moment to myself, alone, with a draft of wine. Taken from a glass that belonged to an old friend long passed on, his final words were remembered today. Spoken in pain, I understand what he meant. "Life is good".


ksr said...

hang in there.

Sparrow said...

You will not be alone. You have a great heart, and though they can be in solitude, great hearts are never alone.

Somerled said...

Your post reminds me of a similar day, Sept. 20, 1988. Life is good, but not perfect. The days and nights would be damned bland if life was flat-line perfect.

Sparrow's right--you have a great heart. Keep that Mauser charged, keep teaching, and keep blogging. Best wishes as always. Maybe we'll pull some triggers on the same range sometime.

Anonymous said...

Transition periods are always thus.

You love and are loved, respect and are respected...live always goes on, and always gets better.