Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I'm going to form my own political party

I understand his wonderfulness is buying the electi..... I mean buying a half hour of straight ad time on most of the major networks. I expect he'll tell us how great he is, and what he intends to do to us.

Oh joy.

What I don't hear any of the candidates saying is the one and only thing I would most like to hear.

What I want said: "My plan is to leave you alone as much as possible to live your life".

I wonder how strong the 'leave my life alone' voting block is? Perhaps we need a new political party.


Anonymous said...

I'm telling you: we need to form our own version of the Monster Raving Loony Party.

Our motto can be, "Leave me the Hell alone, or I'll give you a wedgie!"

Old NFO said...

Leaving us alone would be counter productive... It would mean they wouldn't get anymore money...

Anthony said...

The "Leave my life alone" voting block is huge, but the media will never let that happen. Ron Paul (R-Tex) was basically running on the "The Federal Govt is constitutionally bound to leave you alone" ticket.

Start the party...I will join. I'll even write you in during this election lol

Somerled said...

Send your version of an ACORN volunteer my way and I'll register 11 times. Joe Joe the cat has nine lives, so he will register 99 times.