Friday, September 12, 2008

Moronity, Jersey style

Some wily coyote super genius ran a shooter drill in a New Jersey school. Naturally the liberal overeducated educators cowered in fear, sliding lower in the yellow puddles as they simulated dieing in front of their students.

All I have to say is.... if they tried that stupid trick in my school, the actor is going to be carried out on a stretcher or in a bag.

I work in a TECH school. It's slathered with impromptu weapons, and instructors who care about their kids. No body armor will deal with an eight pound steel bar swung at full strength and at head level. We CARE about our students, and no whack job is going to walk in shooting and walk back out, or even pretend to.


Earl said...

Collapse completely, call for ambulance while clutching your chest and breathing shallowly, at the hospital ask for a good lawyer's name, call the office and get representation. Call the travel agent for trip to Hawaii to recover from the undue stress of fool administrators that forgot education was the mission - security was someone else's.

Anonymous said...

A fire axe is a wonderful thing. I'm just sayin'