Friday, September 12, 2008


'Tis a fine evening for Chili, so I made a dutch oven full. It will soon be ready, and I shall eat well.

I'd post a recipe... but I don't use one. To my way of thinking, Chili is a dish built with what you have. In my case I have ground beef, kidney beans, onions, smoked red peppers, red tomatoes, yellow tomatoes, garlic, and a slather of spices and herbs.

Oh.... and Crystal hot sauce.

Can you smell it?

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Brigid said...

We're having the agency chili cook off next month. I won last year. (an apron, a chef's hat and a giant foam finger that says "#1 chili chef".

Everyone asked for the recipe. I didn't use one. Just opened a cold beer and started chopping hot peppers.

This year. .. who knows.