Friday, September 12, 2008

Testing... testing.... anyone out there?

Today, a test for the little angels. A simple one, and we gave them the answers over the last two days, in their notes. Only four questions, each multipart, each very basic.

Four stroke engine theory.... name the stroke, define it by piston direction, valve operation ignition system operation, and purpose. One page. Questions with a few lines for each answer.

Yes, it's a test of their knowledge.... as it appears to be. It's also a test of their ability to take a test. A test of their ability to retain information for more than an hour. A test of their desire.... will they study?

Anyone failing this simple test is probably in the wrong class. The rest of them, the majority of them, will get an easy grade bump.

A week ago, 30 out of 50 were failing. Yesterday, 19 out of 50. Good trend.

I am SO looking forward to this weekend. No plans.... just relax and recover.

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