Sunday, September 14, 2008

Media backfires.. sounds like a war zone!

Couple quick points to make..

1) Based on anecdote's... comments I have been reading the last few days... nothing has solidified the support for Palin/McCain more than the rabid media reaction to Palin. The biased coverage is cementing the voting base, apparently on the reasoning that if the Mass Market Media hates her, she must be a good choice. Hard to argue with that thought. Good one Gibby.... nice job there.

2) The new Sitemeter upgrade renders it all but useless. I have set my blogs up with Google analytical s, and am looking into other stat counters. My own bet... Sitemeter returns to the old code within forty eight hours or they will swirl the bowl. Even then, they will lose a large number of users.
So Sorry, So Sad... Oh No, Too Bad.

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pat houseworth said...

The MSM Media is so in love with The Ebony Messiah they just can't help themselves....I bet he wishes they would just shut up, as he's doing a fine job of deep sixing his own!