Sunday, September 14, 2008

Day by Day, by Chris Muir.......

I have been reading 'Day by Day', Chris Muir's cartoon, every morning for quite a while. Why haven't I linked him on this quiet little blog? I don't know.... and I have no excuse. Today I rectify that. He's now on my sidebar, at the top.

This mornings edition darn near made me spray coffee on the notebook. It's the one that kicked me over the edge.... Anyone that can work a Monty Python reference into modern political debate is Okay by me.

Chris Muir sends these moments of laughter and snark out free to the world, but are they really free? He takes his time... and effort..... to build these miniature masterpieces. These little cartoons I start my day with, as thousands of other people also do, have value. They should be paid for. As a reader of Ayn Rand I understand that.

This week I'll be hitting up the Day by Day donation button, although it's not a donation. It's payment for services rendered, and valuable services they are.
Chris puts laughter in my morning, just when I need it most. How do you put a value on that?

Also..... despite the extraordinary quality of the Day by Day cartoon, it's clear that no newspaper will pick it up and publish it. It's a cartoon that too closely reflects the feelings of millions of people.... what they really think..... and not what they are told to think. I can't see any modern newspaper being that honest.......

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Thank you for your...perspective.