Saturday, September 6, 2008

I blog, therefore I am….

Even Though I have few readers, I keep blogging, and have for a few years. It’s opened a world to me, filled with people I would never have met otherwise. Some are part of my day now, and some are simply part of my life.

I’ve considered my blogging roots, and I guess it starts with writing. Mostly technical stuff, and mostly about shooting subjects, I have been writing posts and mini-articles for a few years now (Yes, I have another blog overflowing with such stuff). The writing is enjoyable, much like any other craft and hobby, and as it should be. It doesn’t bring money to the table nor is it meant to. It’s something I do simply for enjoyment.

Like an amateur painter might relish hours spent dabbing paint to canvas without ever feeling jealous of a master’s talent, so I can write my posts with pleasure while still enjoying the deep talent of blog writers such as Brigid, Marko, and Breda

Oh, I’ve had some stuff published and been paid for it; A technical article here and there, some newspaper columns, and other assorted flotsam. That was fun too in its own way, but there’s a real difference between writing for pay and writing for fun. Doing one often saps the other…. especially for one of limited talent such as me. That’s one reason I blog…. It’s a writing outlet without pressure. No deadlines, no editors, and most days very few readers.

Writing may have been in on the start, but it’s not the sole reason I blog. The people I have met are sweet accent to the meal, but share room on the table with another purpose.

Putting myself out there in words and image feeds a part of myself that otherwise might fade away. It lets me toss my thoughts and feelings to the wind and hear the sounds they make as they swirl in the maelstrom. Perspective is gained, coming back days or weeks later to read the ancient history I’ve written day by day.

Readers or not, by placing a part of myself out into the world it serves the rest of me. Pruning an idea, and throwing it on the compost pile of blogdom, it decays and blends and reforms and changes…. coming back to me in new shape and new value.

Yes, I’ll write my small technical posts over on Carteach0, but here it’s a different world with a different purpose. Like walking from the workshop into the library…. each serves a different reason for being. ‘Bear’ is an echo chamber where I can release my words, waiting for them to fade, or sometimes, once in a while, have them find another persons echo and join in harmony. That is a truly sweet sound and reason enough if there were no other.


Somerled said...

I linked in here from another blog. Your readership numbers are greater than mine, I'm very jealous, but I'll come back.

I enjoyed your post about rainy-day reloading. I am still loading some brass I scrounged off the gravel at law enforcement ranges more than 20 years ago. One of the joys of being an instructor was that the troops could help fill the brass buckets.

A lot of .40 S&W brass has the Glock bulge. It splits more often.

Best wishes. Watch out for renegade pebbles and berden-primed cases that snap depriming pins.

Shrugged says: said...


You are welcome here anytime. Thank you for the compliment.

Range brass.... must be a bit of Scots in me... I hate to see value wasted or thrown away. Especially when it allows me to do something I enjoy.

The Captain said...

Me, too. I blog for myself. An odd comment here or there shows up, which is fun, but I have no idea how many people read. I don't use sitemeter or any of those tools. But I've met some good people this way, which adds to the experience. The Tribe, as it were.

Freddyboomboom said...

Heh... "limited talent"...

I don't think so... That's why I keep coming back for more.