Sunday, September 7, 2008

Obama campaign just can't let go of that tigers tail

It's beginning to look like another big oops for the BHO campaign.

Do ya'll recall 'Troopergate'? The story of Gov. Palin working to get a state tropper fired because of a personal family issue.... he was married to Palin's sister or sister in law and involved in a custody battle over their son.

At first blush, it looks like Gov. Palin tried to use her position in a personal vendetta, and went so far as to oust the guy in charge of the state police when he wouldn't go along.

Now, thanks to the Obama campaign and the media sycophants digging, more facts are coming to light. The reality looks more like this: He was a bad cop, period. Drinking on duty, torturing a child with his taser, shooting animals for fun..... and exactly the kind of man who should not have a badge, and the guy admits all this. (I sure hope he learned something, and gets himself straight).

It appears Sarah Palin worked to get him removed from his badge because it was her job to do so, and when the head of the state police covered up for the bad player, she nailed him too.

Thanks to the media excavating for dirt on Palin, I now have another reason to vote for her.

Good work Media! Good work Obama campaign! Ya'll keep at it, ya hear?


Earl said...

I have begun to discount any bad news about anyone, based on a current trend in jump on the current center of attention to stir up DRAMA. As I point out to my wife, Orange County Choppers couldn't built much if they had terrible problems in the shop and between the crew like they pretend, no drama and no one watches.

Hammer said...

Let them keep digging up stuff on dear Sarah. The more they do, the better she looks and the stupider they look. Win-win in my book.

Somerled said...

I worked in law enforcement and the news media. Both professions have their share of self-centered actors. They're incompetent and seldom see how their actions can hurt others. Authority is paired with responsibility, or at least it should be that way.

Keep blogging. The corporate news media and government need the competition. The framers of the Constitution feared concentrated power of any sort. They didn't have NBC-GE, Gannett, CBS, Time Warner, News Corporation or Walt Disney in mind when drafting the First Amendment.

Hoot Gibson said...

Ol' Barry keeps shooting himself in the foot...yesterday, his "Lipstick on the Pig" comment was just another example...this bozo can't talk with a cue card or script.

Shrugged says: said...

I suspect the 'Lipstick on a pig' comment is going to be a banner moment for his Obamaness. THAT line will come back to haunt...

Live by the sound bite, die by the sound bite.