Friday, September 12, 2008

Obama steps on his own weeny again

The latest attack ad from Barak Husein Obama complains that McCain doesn't use E-mail, so therefor must be a dinosaur.

Why can't Barak 'I wanna I wanna be Pres' Obama use the internet himself?
Is he that freaking stupid? It took me only moments to find out why McCain does not E-mail.

John McCain does not E-mail, or type anything, because the torture he endured while a prisoner of war left his hands disabled for such things. He spent six months in therapy just to walk again!

I wonder what happened to Barak that left him with his own impairment?
Can you hear that sucking sound? It's the Obama campaign circling the bowl.

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Somerled said...

Barry used to write me personal e-mails during the primary. Before asking me for contributions of money and time, he told he he cared and understood the needs of woeful, downtrodden, exploited people like me. The Big O signed every one of those e-mails.

I never heard from Sen. McCain then. I gather he can't use a keyboard as the result of being tortured. Somebody as loving and in touch as Barry should have known that.