Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Same criminal, two different results

In this news article on WGAL's web site, they speak about a hunt for a criminal.

Officers are looking for Akeem Shabazz Mallory. They said he and two other men, who are already in custody, broke into a home on Northwest Street last month. The three are accused of holding a gun to a resident's head and stealing $400.

Police said Mallory will also be charged with breaking into another home on the same street on May 30. In that incident, a 75-year-old man told the would-be robbers he was armed and the intruders left, police said.

Catch that? Same criminals, same crime, same area, same intent, but far different results. In the first case, a terrorized person fears death while being robbed in his own home. In the second case, the same criminals break in to find an elderly, but armed, homeowner and they flee like the slimy critters they are.

A quick search of 'Google News' with the words 'Home Invasion' found over six hundred articles from the last few months alone. What sets a home invasion apart is the criminal's direct intent to confront the victim and typically terrorize them, if not kill them outright. It's one of the worst crimes that can be committed, as like rape, it's effects can last the rest of the victims life. Once a person has had his front door kicked in and vicious armed critters with bad intent storm in, there is no going back. That person will never feel safe again.

Here, this news article highlights a simple fact. Being willing, able, and equipped to defend yourself removes you from the category of 'victim' better than anything else in the world.


pat houseworth said...

Poor Boy is just misunderstood!

Anonymous said...

i know akeem and he made a mistake. hes too young to be locked up with all those adults. it may have been portrayed that he is dangerous and armed....but really he wasnt the one that had and threatened with the gun.....he shouldnt be at fault for all of this. only todd davenport and ESPECIALLY zachary binkley (the gun holder)

Carteach0 said...

The post was about results... in one robbery, the victim cowered in fear while criminals robbed them. In the other, an elderly man was not a victim because he was armed.

Regarding whether Mallory made a mistake.... if he was involved on the wrong side of home invasion and robbery, he sure did. Whether he carried a gun or not.

On the other hand, he seems to have survived the mistake without being shot dead by a target of the crime. I guess he gets a chance to make some decisions now.

I hope he decides not to pursue a criminal life. It hasn't been working well for him so far.