Wednesday, July 16, 2008

War with Iran? A news and opinion roundup......

There are many threats to health and happiness in today's world.
From disease ridden burgers at fast food joints to nuclear war in the middle east spreading to our own shores.

A prudent person assesses risks all the time. Should I drive at 55 or at 65 today?
How stable is my employment right now? What will rising fuel costs do to my family budget? What is the likelihood of armed conflict escalating in the middle east anytime soon? How are we vulnerable to terrorist attack, and what can I do to guard against it in my life?

A prudent person pays attention to the news, and gathers information to base assessments on; assigns percentages to risks; and considers appropriate actions.

Here we have just a few bits of information, of varying worth, concerning Iran.

On point (WBUR and NPR) presents some information.

The Trumpet makes some noise, and a few points.

Chinese state run media says Iran will soon have a massive war games.
(Fred Thompson just made a guest appearance in my head, and I hear him saying "This will get out of hand" as in The Hunt for Red October.

Reuters has a tine scale run down of Iran's nuke history. Seems to be missing some key parts.

Hawkish Ehud Barak is following up on a Mossad report to the US.

The Cutting edge talks about Iran's procurement of centrifuges via private companies.

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pat houseworth said...

I see the nuclear option coming into play.....the ? is, will we(US or Israel) take them out before they make a hit.