Tuesday, July 15, 2008

There has GOT to be a story here...... (caption this photo)

I'm at the club this morning, pulling up to one of the pistol ranges.
It looks peaceful, and I have the place to myself. Here is what it looks like:

Suddenly the air is split by peals of laughter, as I spot this beauty:

Note there is another matching sign on the other side, facing the range.

You know there must be a story here, and I good one if I am any judge.
This club is peopled by country folks, not idiots. If you hit this tree with your
vehicle, or walk into it, you will be greeted with good natured laughter, not a sign put up by regulation. Somebody must have tagged that tree.... and his buddies are making sure everyone knows about it.

Go ahead..... see if you can come up with a caption for this photo.
If there's a good one I will photo-shop it in and post it on the sidebar.


aepilot_jim said...

Very punny.

How about:
Charlie Brown, where are you?

Mulligan said...


they should surround it with chain link and barbed wire for pedestrian saftey