Thursday, July 3, 2008

PRO-MAG magazine review

In brief..... What a hunk of worthless scrap!

I bought a Pro-Mag magazine for my 1911. I did so because
I was in a small gun shop, had been talking for a while, and I just wanted
to buy something to support the small dealer.

This junk has a plastic follower so badly designed that it tips over once loaded.
Then it jams, and the ammunition either falls out of the magazine or falls nose down, blocking the whole works.

I have been unable to even load it properly, let alone fire a round with it in
the weapon.

I'll keep it short...... if you are looking for an opinion on 1911 magazines....
mine is clear. Forget Pro-mag, and spend your money on Wilson.


The Captain said...

Yeah, I had a couple Pro-mags years ago. Junked them after months of frustration. I've had good results with Shooting Star mags and, of course, Wilson. Only Wilson mags are on my belt and in my carry pistol.

Tam said...

Totally agree.

With one or two exceptions, ProMags are doubleplusungood.

(I've had decent experiences with their polymer 9mm AR mags, but I'd only use them for the range...)