Thursday, July 3, 2008

Mauser day at the range, tomorrow!

I am at loose ends for the Fourth of July. No picnics to attend, no dinners, no family functions..... just me and a free day. I can do whatever I wish.

I think it will please me to have a 'Mauser day' at the range tomorrow. There is something fitting in dragging out some very experienced battle rifles on that special day.

Independence day... July Fourth is the day our first declaration of independence was written in 1776. Lost to time, that first copy embodied our nations response to overbearing authority.

I can see nothing better as a check against usurpation of individual rights than a well seasoned battle rifle and an experienced shooter. The founders of our nation knew that, and after signing that declaration they immediately began preparing for the war to come.

My rifles will likely never see a battle again, but their existence in the hands of an individual is a powerful statement of it's own. Even in retirement, these old Mauser's have value far beyond the wood and steel that comprise them.

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Bane said...

All things considered, I prefer the Springfield Krag-Jorgenson, with the side-box magazine.

I can load that side box likely faster than you can load in a stripper clip. Especially when you are under fire.

I must admit, that the Mauser is pretty. And is absolute heck on deer, and any other animal that doesn't shoot back.