Friday, July 4, 2008

Range review: Barska Blackhawk 20x60x60 spotting scope

As I set up on the range today, I took time to regard my spotting scope.
Purchased a year ago from Midway USA, this scope has proven to be an extremely
good value. Bought on sale at $100, they are now selling at $120. That includes a servicable table-tripod and an excellent fitted hard case.

I shoot high power military rifle matches, and lacking a good spotting scope seriously hurt my efforts. The day I set this baby up on my mat, my scores jumped 50 points.

Compared to the mega-$$ scopes being set up around me, the Barska proved itself just as clear and just as useful. It tends to lose some definition above 40x, and the eye relief shortens at high magnification as well. Other than that, it's flawless.

Especially at this price!

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Earl said...

Thank you, I need a good spotting scope - to go with the military rifle I haven't purchased yet - but soon will.