Friday, July 18, 2008

Carry Permit Holders

Seems to be a rash of blog articles out concerning carry permit holders.
In the interest of disclosure..... I are one...... a permit holder that is.
I feel that gives me a close perspective to the reality of CCW carry.
A post is planned explaining my reasons for being a carry permit holder.
Meanwhile, it's nice to be able to prove I have passed police state background
checks and am a law abiding citizen with a squeaky clean record.

Uncle has an interesting piece.

Walls of the city has a comment.

Robb Allen also has a comment.

Snarky Bites chimes in as well.

Getting past the google-Fu stuff going on, the predominant post and/or news regarding concealed carry permit holders is simply this: They stay out of trouble, and when they are involved they are the good guys saving lives.

Now that IS news worth passing on.


Mulligan said...

US Concealed Carry

a couple links for those who don't have 'em yet

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link! And, yeah, that is the basic core of the message - after all the work we concealed-carry permit holds do to get one, the odds are very, very, very good that we are going to remain law-abiding afterwards. And while there are exceptions, they are very few and very far between.