Friday, July 18, 2008

Old NFO does the digging on Barack Obama's claims

Old NFO spent some time on this, I think. It should be read, and is worth reading.

Barack Husein Obama has very little experience and history we can judge him on in his run for president. Mostly he brings to the table only his own words, and so that is what he will be judged on. Old NFO runs down a large number of BHO's statements and matches them to the truth, while telling us how to do the research ourselves to back it up.

It's good work, but is akin to preaching to the choir in a way. The people who would vote for Barack Husein Obama don't care about facts and won't bother listening to them. They make their decisions as they have been trained to their whole lives; Based on feelings and images, impressions and desires. Obama voters are immune to information such as Old NFO has compiled. Instead, it should serve to motivate those who can reason, and hopefully move them to work against the obvious threat to our society and nation that would be an Obama presidency.

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Brigid said...

I'd seen that research in other places and glad someone had the guts to blog it. Not the image he puts forth by any ns.