Friday, July 18, 2008

So DC blows off gun owners again..... what you gonna do about it punk?

Yes, the Supremes said DC's gun laws are unconstitutional.
No surprise.... we all knew they were, and still are for that matter.

So...... what? Suppose the DC commie-council tells the Supremes and the Constitution to go stuff themselves? What happen then? Does the Supreme Court tell the court bailiff to go arrest the council? Does the Supreme Court even have a bailiff? Are those nine justices gonna whip their black dresses over their shoulders and don six shooters.... riding across town to lay down the law?

Seriously..... suppose the city of DC does exactly what they are doing for the most part... ignoring the supreme courts intent and ruling.... then what?

Who.....Enforces.....A..... Supreme..... Court..... Ruling???

I'm guessing it's the executive branch, and the justice department. Well..... what happens if the justice department does nothing about it, and the DC council orders their police to go right on arresting citizens who own firearms and have them in their home?

I ask this simply because it appears to be what's happening. DC is doing almost exactly that... they are ignoring the intent and purpose of the Supreme Court ruling. In fact, they are all but thumbing their nose at the court and yelling NYA NYA across the school yard.

The reality as I understand it: Only the US Justice Department can force the city of DC to follow the rules, and the only way they can do that is to arrest the DC council members and police chief for not obeying the law.

Anyone see that happening anytime in the near future?


Earl said...

Nope, they are elected officials of good will and protecting the innocents of Washington, DC (badly but it isn't their fault they are stupid, look at their education).

DJK said...

If it happens, like it should, its steak and crab for dinner that night.