Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Hey, consider helping out some decent folks...

One of the cool things about the blogging community is how it is a community. Folks care about each other, and help each other.

Well.... one of our blogging cousins could use a hand just about now. They are fighting to keep their kids, and doing so against a lackadaisical 'justice' system and systemic prejudice.

In true American fashion... they are not asking for charity. Instead, they created a product and are selling it to raise money for legal bills.

Take a look, folks.... and think about making the purchase.


Not only did these good folks work for a way to pay off their legal bills, but now they are turning that effort into a new business! THAT is what made America the nation it was. 'Crispin Press' will soon be up and running... undercutting competition and making money the old fashioned way.

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