Tuesday, June 16, 2009

French Vanilla French toast.....RRrraaawwwrrrrr!

About an hour before making the French toast, take a fresh loaf of Italian bread and slice it on the bias, about 1" thick. Set aside to go slightly stale. Yes, I said stale. It's important, unless you like mushy French toast.

In fair sized mixing bowl, crack open eight jumbo eggs. Yes... eight. This is no light weight pantywaist breakfast. Add a quarter cup of French Vanilla creamer from the dairy section (Don't go cheap... it's not a place to save 69 cents). Pour in another quarter cup of evaporated milk. Add a teaspoon of real vanilla extract, two tablespoons of clover honey, and a teaspoon of ground nutmeg.

Beat till smooth and well blended.

Heat a nonstick pan on medium low, and melt a large pat of butter in it. While the butter melts and begins to brown, soak several slices of the bread in the egg mixture. Let each slice soak at least ten seconds.... not just a quick dip.

Cook the French bread slowly till it's golden brown and delicious on both sides, and then cook just a bit more. The idea is to allow the egg mixture time to set up inside the bread, but not go tough from overcooking at high heat. Cook at a lower heat than pancakes, and for a longer time.

Serve on warmed plates, with warmed maple syrup and butter.

Remember to cook more than you think you need... because you'll need more than you think. (g).

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Old NFO said...

Looks GOOOD! And I'm stuck in hotels again this week...sigh...