Friday, May 1, 2009

The ultimate word of thanks....

One of my students.... a really, really good one..... told me something today. He said his mother cried happy over how he's doing in our program. He said... his Mama is gonna COOK for us.

You have to understand... this boy is from Puerto Rico, and he means his mom is going to make us rice and beans!

You have NO idea how much that means to me. My student's Mama is going to make home made rice and beans... for me. I damn near cried myself.

It was a good day.


Old NFO said...

Appreciation AND FOOD? Can't beat that with a stick!!! You done good Sir!

Crucis said...

Isn't it great to learn that you're appreciated!

Eat up!

Carteach0 said...

Crucis, It's such a rare thing that it always comes as a surprise.

Some days I think I'd be just as happy living alone someplace up in the woods. That is happening more and more lately.