Saturday, May 30, 2009

Range time this morning, to relax

A little range time this morning, to test some cartridges and loads. For an upcoming Carteach0 post, I patterned and played with shot cartridges in .22, 9mm, and .38. Interesting results, and neatly explained why I have never been able to knock down a single pest with a .22lr shot cartridge. It will be posted over on Carteach0 sometime tomorrow morning, after today's post soaks a while.

Over to one of the rifle ranges, I tested a handload in the AR180b. Mr. Stoner would have been proud.... function and accuracy was exemplary. That little group is eight rounds, and three went in the same wide hole.

While I was at the range, I did another installment of 'Brass is FREE!', and picked up a ziplock full of reloadable cases from the weeds and gravel. I suppose I should spend an hour sorting cases... since I have earned myself two fifty cal cans full of free range pick brass.

Remember... Brass is FREE! Just bend over and pick it up! Free! FREE!! FREE!!!!.
(Ahem..... ugh..... It's okay... I'm better now.)

No news to share on my friend. Just waiting.......

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