Saturday, May 30, 2009

Healthy? Who cares! Tastes Good!

Okay, so it's almost healthy (there's butter in the shrooms).... but it tastes GOOD!

Fresh asparagus with just a little salt and fresh pepper sprinkled on it. A tiny bit a butter so it won't stick...

Mushroom caps, with a dab of butter inside, along with minced garlic, fresh ground pepper, and smoked sweet paprika.

Grilled till just tender.

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Everett said...

For some reason there are a LOT of wild asparagui? asparagee? asparagus growing out here on this little Island. For some other reason virtually no one but one of my sons and myself bother with it or even see it I guess. But it has mucho more taste than that stuff from the store! Little bit of Hollandaise sauce on homemade sourdough toast, uuhh, with the aspergrass in between, sublime!