Sunday, April 12, 2009

A happy and peaceful Easter to you.....

This morning dawned beautiful. Quiet but for the birds, peaceful is the only word that applies. A good morning for reflection on life, both past and future. I woke with a smile, rare for me, and enjoyed the moment.

For Easter breakfast, in solitude, I enjoyed a simple meal of biscuits and coffee. Prepackaged crescent rolls from a tube, sliced and laid out in ranks. Each biscuit decorated with a small sliver of cold butter on top, and baked till golden. Paired with a spoon full of Raspberry jam, and a large mug of strong coffee laced with cream; Nothing to impress a culinary master, but tasty and warming.

It's a good morning to take a walk in the cold air... seeing the reflections of the trees on the ponds still surface... and gather thoughts like stray whispers in the breeze. A morning to take stock, counting the good against the bad, and stare off into the hazy future.


Christina LMT said...



Happy Easter, Carteach! (Rather belatedly, but I was at work today.)

Carteach0 said...

And happy Easter to you, Christina.
Oh... excellent news on the daughters acceptance to college. Very cool stuff!

Christina LMT said...

Oh, thank you very much! We're over the moon about it...:)