Sunday, April 12, 2009

From salvage, comes gold.... reloading .223

An afternoon free.... what to do?

First, dig through the bags of scavenged brass from the last few months range trips.
My own stuff, cases left behind, brass I rooted around the weeds for.. I separated out 200 good .223 cases. They were de-primed, sized, and then tossed in the polisher for an hour.

Once clean,
I chamfered any primer pockets that needed it done (blasted crimps!). Ranked like soldiers, they had new CCI small rifle benchrest primers installed.

Gathering powder, bullets, and load data.... The fun part began. 22 grains of H-322 were metered and poured into each shell.

Then.... a 55 grain Hornady FMJ boat tail bullet was placed in the neck, and seated in the Hornady in-line seating die.

200 repetitions later.....

VoilĂ !
(only the first 100)


Old NFO said...

Good looking rounds!

Carteach0 said...

Thanks Jim!
Practice ammunition. Cheaper than buying Wolf or some such, and I enjoy the making of them. 'Zen and the art of reloading'.... sounds like a book I should write :-)

Brigid said...