Sunday, March 22, 2009

Wow, what a beautiful day!

I was outside this morning, as the sun came up, taking pictures for a friend. What a beautiful day it's going to be!

Rifle match this afternoon, and one of the heirs will be there to shoot with me. No doubt using my rifle, my ammunition, my spotting scope, and all my luck too. (g). Pictures and a report will follow later today, most likely, if a food porn post does
not interrupt it.

After reading of Breda's adventures in roasting garlic (damn, I can smell it from here!) and some home made pizza that could make DaVinci weep for joy, I am in the mood to cook. I'm thinking... something involving steak.... and something else that's not steak. We shall see. Check back later!

Yesterday, a good day on the bench. I straightened out a concern with my S+W M+P compact. It was beginning to release the magazine at times which did not suit me. That's an old issue with the 9c, and I thought mine was dealt with a year ago. I guess not. Now, it is. A little study tells me I have an early frame design and the new ones do not suffer the problem.

At least I got a good Carteach0 post out of the bench work (g). It's curious how blogging does that... throws a whole new light on daily activities. What do I want to share with people, how much, and how should I present it?

I think blogging is doing more to connect an interrelated world than anything else ever did. Millions of people have learned to write... to create images... and to communicate in ways never before seen. It's pulling the whole world together, slowly, and in ways that must deeply concern those who thrive on conflict and secrecy.

Witness the way Christopher Dodd is having his whole political career reexamined in light of his personal involvement in every recent financial debacle. Look too how the great Barry O can't manage to hide a single mistake he makes, even with the press in the tank for him.

With the internet, and blogging, people can TALK to each other... a LOT of people.... EVERY where . That's an amazing change from ages past. It's an incredible good for the people, and an insidious threat to politicians and authority. For them, it must seem like being a cockroach in a gymnasium full of people armed with flashlights and long sticks.

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Old NFO said...

Hopefully the heir leaves you a little luck for the shoot! Enjoy!