Saturday, March 21, 2009

Saturday morning blog walking.....

H/T to The Real Gun Guys

H/T to Instapundit.......... I read where the conniving John Conyers (leading anti-rights activist) has asked for a criminal probe of ACORN (leading criminal organization working for leading Democrats). Oh... really? This reminds me of one student I have..... When he's leaving the parking lot in his noisy little scooty car, and he sees one of our staff there monitoring the rodeo, he'll always pull up and wish her a great day.... because that makes him a 'good guy' and maybe he won't get tagged the way the other idjits do. It never works, but he's not bright enough to think of anything else. ACORN itself needs no introduction, being a key player in voter registration fraud around the country, and one of the larger players in causing the sub-prime mortgage meltdown. This hasn't stopped every single congressional Democrat candidate from taking money from ACORN, as well as seeing they get large boodles of taxpayer cash laid at the ACORN doorstep. Yup, sure John.... I'm sure you really want them investigated..... sure you do.

Oh... I also see that Glen at Instapundit linked Tam at View from the Porch. Now, most of the really kewl bloggers know that a Tam-alanche is only second to an Insta-lanche in blowing your site hit numbers through the roof. This begs the question.... if Glen and Tam 'lanche' each other, will the fabric of the universe be altered?

Speaking of Tam.... she's off to the Indy 1500 gun show today in search of a Smith and Wesson K22 combat masterpiece. Perhaps one of the finest .22 rimfire revolvers ever made. I had the joy of shooting one when I was younger, and the only flaw I could find was the broken fingers I suffered as they pried my hand away when it was time to give it back. Good luck Tam!

Over at Mausers and Muffins, a bit of writing so thoughtful and well written that even *I* could understand it. The world has changed, and so have battles and wars. Our nation is facing challenges both internal and external.... and I only wish our countries leadership had half the clue this writer does.

Okay... after reading my way through blogs and news this morning, I am left with only one impression. The world is half baked, and can do without my guidance this fine morning. I'm going grocery shopping, in the hopes that a wonderful recipe will come along (HINT HINT). Maybe I'll visit the local firearms emporium and browse all the toys made from unobtainium.

For breakfast..... a bowl of oatmeal and a visit to my old friend Bugs!

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